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How do I attach my stockings?

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Suspenders belts, waspies, girdles, there are lots of ways to attach your stockings. 

Choosing the correct girdle or suspender beltis essential. You have to make sure that you choose the right size, one that sits perfectly around the hips without feeling too tight or that it twists. The straps should be elastic but taught. The metallic clips should be tightly attached to the welt without misshaping the stocking. 

Attaching the Stocking

Using both hands, place the thumb inside the stockings, fold and work your way down the length of the stocking to the toe.  Make sure the seam fits correctly around the toe area. Once the foot is completely inside the stocking you can begin to bring the stocking up the leg. Place the front strap of the suspender belt on the inside of your thigh and the back strap on the outside of your bottom. If there is a sixth strap this tends to be at the side so attach that one now. Adjust the length of your straps so that the stockings are held firmly in place. Once they are all attached bend over and touch your ankles with both hands to help pull up the welt. Everything should now fit perfectly. 

How to Wear Stockings

One of the most popular ways to wear stockings is to have the welt at 3/4 of the way up the thigh. This works well with knee length skirts or dresses, long skirts or even trousers. If you wear short skirts or dresses then you will need to choose a larger stocking size so that the welt reaches further up the thigh. In all cases your stockings should fit firmly. If not, it will mean that your stockings are too big or the suspender straps are too long. 

Caring for Your Stockings

Nylon or silk, seamed or seamless, stockings can be particularly strong even though they may seem rather sheer and thin sometimes. However, they can all be damaged by jewellery or nails, so we recommend that you wear hosiery gloves to protect them while you put them on. 

Use a small hosiery wash bag to clean your stockings, to help prevent snagging. Nylon stockings can go in the washing machine and the tumble drier at low temperatures. Silk stockings are machine washable, but should only be air dried. 

You can view our stockings here, and our suspender belts here.

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