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All about Hold Ups

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Hold ups , often called 'stay ups' (or in the US, they are sometimes called 'thigh highs'), are a perfect alternative to tights, and they are just as appealing as stockings but without the need for the suspender belt. In the summer they are lovely to wear, being much cooler than tights whilst still making our legs look glamorous.

Long gone are the days when we were having to pull up our hold ups because they kept slipping down, today they are comfortable and very durable to wear. They are kept in place by a combination of a silicone band and elasticated top.

It is important however, to get the right size hold ups. The lace band shouldn't be too tight around the thigh and for maximum comfort and fit they should sit mid thigh.


When putting your hold ups on turn over the band at the top so it is not touching the leg as you pull it up towards your thigh. When in position flip the top over and smooth it out onto your leg. It is best for the silicone to not touch the skin until it is in the correct position.

When wearing hold ups it is best not to use any body lotions or talcum powder on your legs because this can cause the silicone to lose its grip, and may cause them to slip. Also, when washing your hosiery I advise not using fabric softener because this can have the same effect.

Staysput spray is an ideal companion to your hold ups. It is a roll on gel which you apply to the leg, where the silicone band will fit, securely fixing your hold ups in place. This is ideal for when you have washed them a few times. It is an invisible, hypoallergenic, water washable adhesive that won't stain. 
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Lucy x

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