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Suspender tights
'Suspender tights' is a term often used to describe two forms of hosiery.

Firstly, suspender tights can refer to tights (or pantyhose) that actually appear to be stockings (see photo above of the Belle Epoque Suspender Tights) - in that they are crotchless, but have a waist band at the top in order to hold the hosiery up. Imagine an 'all in one' combination of suspender belt and stockings, but made of nylon, and you are there!

Ballerina suspender tights

The Ballerina Suspender Design Tights

Secondly, a popular description surfaced a few years ago, where 'suspender tights' became associated with tights that had a 'mock stockings' effect sewn on them. These tights are not crotchless, and simply refer to the pattern on a pair of traditional tights.

The main difference between the two versions is that one is crotchless and the other is not. For the purposes of this blog post, we'll take a look at the crotchless variety of suspender tights.

Extremely popular in mainland Europe, suspender tights have grown in worldwide popularity during the last few years.

Reasons for Suspender Tights Popularity:

1. Essentially, they are very similar as stockings

2. They are very glamorous compared to traditional tights (with some luxury bands even producing waist bands that look like lace suspender belts)

3. A suspender belt isn't required, so they are very quick to wear

4. They cost no more than traditional tights

5. They are crotchless, which many women find to be more comfortable and hygienic

6. Wearing sensual lingerie gives many women a feeling of confidence

7. They are virtually impossible to see through clothes

8. Luxury brands only make suspender tights from the finest nylon yarn, resulting in a very touchable material

9. The available styles are increasing daily, with not just sheer tights, but also seamed and fishnet varieties.

10. As there is no welt at the top of the leg, as with stockings, then suspender tights can be perfect for shorter skirts.

Ultimately, suspender tights are a wonderful form of hosiery that both stockings and tights wearers might like to try - us ladies like to mix things up!

Some of our more popular suspender tights include:

You can see the full collection of Suspender Tights here.

Amour suspender tights

Lucy x

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Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson

October 13, 2018

on your list is so true – there is a wonderful sense of both confidence and sensuality when one wears suspender tights. It makes me feel wonderful and is a special treat for my lover when I wear them to a restaurant or play. On a practical level, they make it much easier when using the ladies room too! Thank you for offering them! Samantha

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