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How many straps should a suspender belt have?

You are probably here because you love your legwear - and maybe you particularly like stockings.  Well, as you may know, stockings need a suspender belt (or garter belt, as it is called in many places) in order for them to be held in place.

Sounds simple doesn't it - one pair of stockings and a suspender belt are all that's required to be the most glamorous woman in your office/street/restaurant/own home (delete as appropriate). However, when you look at your options - we have a large number of stockings and suspender belts that can be combined, and it can be a little overwhelming at first. One of the main concerns we hear, is "how many straps are required on your suspender belt...4 straps, 6 straps or even 8 straps?"

As it seems with life, there is no definitive answer, but there are a number of recommendations that may help you make a selection.

Four Strap Suspender Belts:

The minimum number of straps available on a suspender belt is four (front and back of each leg), but this doesn't mean it is the poorest choice. For an evening out, or even an evening in, four straps will be fine for most women. Some of the finest names in lingerie, including Wolford and Maison Close, predominantly design four straps that perform very well. However, if you are planning to wear the belt for a long period (say at work, or a wedding), then you might like to consider the extra security offered by more straps. Four straps worn on a body suit tends to work very well. Our latest four strap belt.

Six Strap Suspender Belts:

The six strap is what many consider to be the perfect belt - both glamorous and secure - a perfect belt for wearing everyday, and also in the boudoir. A six strap will easily hold your stockings firmly in place all day, so would be perfect for a working day, or wearing under skirts where you really don't want to fiddle with your stockings - a real 'wear and forget' belt - so ideal for weddings. If wearing seamed stockings, I would definitely recommend six straps - as the strap at the rear of your legs will safely hold on to the top of the seam, making it easier to keep them straight. Our latest six strap belt.

Eight Strap Suspender Belts:

I recently had a chat with the designer who makes our own suspender belts, and we both said that eight straps are the perfect number for absolute security when wearing stockings. Not only this, your stocking tops won't have a chance to sag at all, and with very little movement, you should be able to leave them alone all day. If you are the kind of person who checks your front door is locked three times - then an eight strap is made for you! Our latest eight strap belt.

So, to conclude, select your suspender belts based on how you are going to wear them, and for how long. A few hours out, or in the boudoir, then four is fine, six straps are great for wearing glamorous stockings all day, and eight straps are perfect for security and a retro look.

You can view our Suspender Belt Collection here.

Enjoy your stockings,

Lucy x

 How many straps should a suspender belt have?

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