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Mayfair Stockings Collection

It’s always nice when you can end a year on a particularly positive note, and this autumn has marked a significant and exciting milestone for Mayfair – the launch of an in-house hosiery range to complement their own collection of lingerie!

You may wonder why this didn’t happen sooner. After all, Mayfair Stockings has been around since 2011. But launching a new product – especially if you want it to be a good product – is something that takes time.

As Lucy, the founder of Mayfair Stockings put it, “Getting a brand of hosiery on the shelves is no small feat. It involves product design, packaging design, printing, production, quality control, packaging, marketing and finally distribution – and after so long in the industry, we can now handle this process in house, making it the perfect time to launch our own stockings”.

Of course, you also need to find the right manufacturer, one with the expertise required to make a really high-end product. For this, Mayfair has turned its sights to Italy. “Italian hosiery manufacturers have a long history of sourcing, and securing, the right quality of nylon to manufacture luxury stockings,” they explained, “In all the years we have sold hosiery, Italian quality has always been of the highest standard”.

Mayfair Stockings Sofia Natural Stockings

The first drop, which is available now, includes the Sofia stockings in both black and a medium beige. They’re a classic style, in sheer-but-durable 20 denier, that would work for everything from workwear to eveningwear.

I was sent a couple of pairs to try out, and I love both the fit and feel of them. They’re smooth to the touch, and the 15% elastane content gives them a decent amount of stretch, meaning they don’t wrinkle. They’re also boarded (shaped to the foot and leg) for an even better fit. The design is finished off with a plain top and shadow welt, and a reinforced section at the toe.

Mayfair Stockings Natural Stockings

I also have to mention the gorgeous packaging that they arrived in. Like all Mayfair Stockings products, the Sofia stockings come with complementary tissue paper and printed ribbon wrapping. It adds an indulgent extra touch to your purchase, which is especially perfect if you’re shopping for someone else (don’t forget, there’s only a few weeks left now until Christmas!).

Having an in-house hosiery range is fabulous news for Mayfair, but even better news for you. Over the years, brands stocked here have come and gone, but this collection will be here to stay. If these become your new favourite stockings for day-to-day – and they may well do! – then you won’t have to worry about them being discontinued.

The made-in-Italy Sofia stockings cost £12 each, and are available in four sizes to fit roughly 45-85kg and heights 4’9 through to 6’0.

Mayfair Stockings Sofia Black Stockings

Mayfair Sofia Black Stockings

When I asked Lucy how they’d describe the perfect stocking, they told me that “if a pair of stockings gives a woman confidence, then she is wearing the perfect pair for her – whatever the style”. The Sofia stockings are a fantastic start to Mayfair’s in-house collection (which also includes a wide selection of hand designed suspender belts and knickers), since they work for so many different occasions, but they are only the beginning. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll be glad to know that other designs are already in progress!

by  Estelle Puleston

The Sophia Stockings are available in Black or Natural.

If you’re a retailer who’s interested, they’re also available to purchase wholesale.

What else you’d love to see from the Mayfair Stockings collection. Seams? Hold-ups? Particular colours? Leave a comment to let us know.

Mayfair Stockings Collection

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