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Following on from our Stockings of the Year Award, we take a closer look at the hold ups and tights that deserve our highest recommendation.

Hold us of the year 2016

The 2016 award for 'Hold Ups of the Year' goes to Falke, for their Lunelle 8 denier Peacock hold ups.  Featuring a lace 'peacock feather' welt, as well as an extremely sheer and durable leg, these were always going to be a favourite amongst staff and clients.

Falke Lunelle 8 denier hold ups from Mayfair Stockings


In second place, we have the French, Le Bourget red and black lace Essentiel hold ups. A 15 denier hold up with a luxurious satin finish to the leg.

Le Bourget Essentiel black and red hold ups 

Finally, we have the Italian Oroblu Riga seamed hold ups.  Recently available in black, nude and now moka, their popularity has grown amongst clients wishing to add a spot of glamour to their outfits.

Oroblu Riga Hold Ups


Tights of the Year 2016 from Mayfair Stockings

Tights, or pantyhose, have a loyal following, and for this award we spoke to clients around the world, who unanimously chose the Trasparenze Claudia Seamless Tights for their 'Tights of the Year 2016' award. Not having a seam, and being a durable 20 denier meant they were always going to be hard to beat.

Trasparenze Claudia Seamless Tights


In second place are the French Foly 15 suspender tights from Gerbe, although technically a pair of tights, they also give the effect of stockings. The lace waistband and sheer legs mean they are amongst the most luxurious tights available.

Gerbe Foly 15 Suspender Tights


Finally, in third place comes a new, but popular pair of glamorous tights. The Gerbe Sevilla seamed fishnet tights are beautifully made in Paris, and the perfect fishnet design adds a lovely touch of glamour to any outfit.

Gerbe Sevilla Seamed Fine Fishnet Tights


Congratulations to all of our winners, and particularly to Falke and Trasparenze for their award winning hosiery.

Lucy x


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