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Opaque hosiery doesn’t have quite the same glamorous and alluring reputation that sheer hosiery has. In the warmer months, we wear hosiery because we want to – it’s a fashion choice. In winter though, it’s a practical necessity. A wardrobe basic. And ‘basic’ and ‘glamorous’ are not usually words that go together.

However, I absolutely think that opaque hosiery has the potential to be every bit as glam and sexy as its sheerer counterparts! And to prove it, I’ve listed six different looks below that show there is a ton of opaque, winter hosiery that’s anything but boring.

Seamed opaque hosiery

What’s more glamorous than a classic backseam? Reminiscent of vintage, fully-fashioned stockings, seamed hosiery is available in opaque options too. It’s especially eye-catching when it’s done in a contrasting colour or a glittering, party-ready lurex, which actually stand out better against a solid background anyway!

Seamed opaque stockings


Decorative and lace tops

The welt or top of a pair of stockings or hold-ups is often where we see the most interesting design details. And a deep band or intricate pattern – or both! – is the perfect way to break up the otherwise solid, plain look of opaque hosiery. Ballerina in particular has a fantastic selection of opaque legwear with gorgeous tops.


Pattern and embellishment

Of course, decoration doesn’t need to be reserved just for the upper thigh! Some of the most stylish, glamorous hosiery options you have in winter are the designs which are not just plain black (or another block colour). From opaque lace to a shower of silver sparkles, these styles definitely dress up your legs.


Sheer above the knee

Just because you are shopping for opaque hosiery to keep you warm, that doesn’t mean it needs to be opaque all over. Unless you will be wearing a mini dress or mini skirt, your thighs are already going to be covered – so why not pick one of these chic designs that incorporate a sultry swathe of sheer or fishnet fabric above the knee?


Faux suspender tights

An even more glamorous play on the look above, these tights are designed to look like you are wearing stockings and a suspender belt. Some even come with a matching ‘knicker’ design woven into the fabric, while others are crotchless for a decidedly more erotic vibe. Suspender tights bring all the visual appeal of wearing stockings, but with added warmth since none or very little of your skin will be left bare!


Classic opaque stockings

I hope the five looks above have shown you just how varied and stylish opaque hosiery can be! However, I for one think stockings will always look glamorous regardless, even without these added embellishments and aesthetic features. Take a look at the three pairs of plain black, opaque stockings below and tell me they’re not gorgeous too!


Do you find it easy to feel as glamorous in your winter hosiery as in your summer hosiery? If not, is there a hosiery style here that you’ll be adding to your collection to change that?

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by  Estelle Puleston

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