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Weddings and stockings have always had close links to each other, perhaps more so than any other event in your life. Even if you have never worn stockings before, the chances are that you may have been considering them as part of your wedding outfit.

So, what to wear?  What are the options for the bride-to-be looking for stockings that are both stunningly glamorous, but also comfortable to wear for an extended period of time?

The first step is to look at your lingerie.  More to the point, how will your stockings be help up? There are a wide range of stunning lingerie pieces that incorporate suspender straps, and they tend to fall in to the following categories: suspender belts, corsets or bodies.

All are perfect for holding up your stockings, particularly if they have six or more straps (safety in numbers!). What will be less effective are very flimsy belts with less straps - these don't usually keep the stockings in the same position on your leg.  Worse still, flimsy belts can be pulled slightly by stockings if they are too short, making you fidget all day.

So, the rule would be to make sure your lingerie has suspender straps that are substantial enough to make you feel confident your stockings won't move constantly (particularly important if you are wearing seamed stockings, as you really don't want your belt to spin on your waist).


So, on to the stockings. This is where you have a whole world of choices, from white and ivory, to tan and nude colours.  There is the option of plain tops (called the 'welt'), or the often chosen lace welt, which are incredibly pretty.  The traditional choice is for sheer stockings, but there is nothing stopping you choosing opaques. Finally, you have the option of seamed stockings, or plain ones. Seamed stockings can take a little confidence to wear, but conversely also give you more confidence as the leading lady.

So, choose a belt or corset that doesn't have flimsy suspender straps (ideally they will have metal clasps), and secondly, try a few styles of luxury stockings before your wedding day - cheap hosiery is usually made from a lower quality fabric that will either distort or irritate you over time.  One last tip, buy two pairs of stockings for your wedding day - if you are ever going to ladder your hosiery, you really don't want it to be as you walk down the aisle.

Our full bridal collection of stockings, tights, and hold ups, can be seen here: Bridal Hosiery. Also, don't forget the honeymoon - perhaps take a look at our Glamorous Collection.

Lucy x 


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