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For anyone who works with lingerie, one question crops up daily, mainly from women who are fairly new to wearing stockings and suspender belts. Being honest, it is a perfectly understandable question.

The question: 'Do I wear my pants under my suspender belt, or over it?

How do I wear a suspender belt, by Mayfair Stockings?

Why do we get asked? The answer to this lies with the lingerie designers. When designing a lingerie outfit, it is standard practice to photograph the pants underneath the belt, meaning the suspender belt can be seen in all its glory.  So, anyone buying a suspender belt sees the image of a model with 'briefs under belt'. However, once worn this way, ladies soon find that it can be quite tricky to visit the ladies room! Hence the question.

Real life, however, has almost all women wearing their pants and briefs above their suspender belt, making visits to the ladies a simple affair.

As with everything in life, there are exceptions to this rule...and that exception is the girdle.

Playful Promises Girdle from Mayfair Stockings

A girdle will often be longer than a suspender belt, so your pants, or briefs, won't be able to go on top in this instance (they can pull the girdle and create bulges).  Simply put, wearing a girdle often involves some unclipping of belt clasps when visiting the ladies room.  So why wear a girdle?  There are various reasons really, you may be after a traditional vintage look, or would like the benefits a girdle can bring to your figure, holding you in at all the right places.

There is also the situation where you could wear your briefs on top of the suspender belt, but the belt is just so pretty that it would be a shame to have it covered up by your briefs.  In that instance, it is anyones call as to the best policy!

As with anything in life, you should do what makes you feel the most confident.

Lucy x

Here is our full selection of suspender belts.

P.S. One solution to this problem is to wear openable knickers. In fact, we decided we would design and make our own, and you can now get the Mayfair Savannah Open Knickerson the store. These let you wear your knickers either on top of, or underneath, your suspender belt - and still be able to go to the loo, or look good in the boudoir!

The Suspender Belts at Mayfair Stockings

6 Responses

Gilliane Manning
Gilliane Manning

June 11, 2019

Knickers always over the suspenders, a girdle should always be worn next to the skin for comfort. I always try to have a largish knickers to cover the entire girdle and suspenders as wearing a girdle, suspenders and all can look a bit too saucy, it’s awesome to behold!


June 23, 2018

Definitely under, for practicality and convenience.


June 06, 2016

Good to see that this topic finally is getting some attention because on all pictures, they are worn wrongfully! :-)
From a man’s point of view (being one), I prefer that my lady wears her jartelles UNDER her briefs. It is not only logical that this much easier when going to the toilet but also during fun-time. Why start to frickle with and take off this beautiful lingerie when it is meant to tickle the senses during intimate moments. I feel appreciated, liked and even loved a bit extra, when my girlfiend (also) dresses up underneath her clothes. That extra effort while dressing up shouldn’t become a burden in the heat of the moment ;-)

Lucy Holmes
Lucy Holmes

June 05, 2016

Hi Paula – I, and everyone else it seems, agrees with you. Women who wear stockings every day have all expressed they prefer the knickers on top!

Joanne – I take my hat off to your mother’s ‘knickers over girdle’ strategy. She sounds like a woman who knew what she liked. Perhaps with a girdle that sits a little higher, this could be a definite possibility!

Paula Wiles
Paula Wiles

June 04, 2016

Definitely suspender belt under knickers/briefs, easier for going to the loo! I wear a suspender belt and stockings to work every day and this is definitely the most convenient way – never suspender belt over my undies!!


June 03, 2016

Ah, the perennial question. I think you’ve summed it up nicely, although my Mother, who wore a girdle all her life, was a “knickers over” lady. She always was a bit of an individualist ?

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