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When it comes to hosiery, nothing gives a woman more confidence than black stockings. They are glamorous, empowering and make a statement.
Even though the weather is warming in the northern hemisphere, we are seeing more women stick to their regular sheer black stockings, as opposed to switching to nude colours. They are perfect for the boudoir, and perfect out too.
For this reason, we thought you might like to see some of our more popular black stockings, from silk to seamed. 

1. The Seamed Fully Fashioned Stockings (Cuban, Manhattan or Point Heel) 

Gio Fully Fashioned 100% Nylon Stockings

These are one of our favourite styles. Perfect for a night out when you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. They are available in either Cuban Heel, Manhattan Heel or Point Heel varieties. See the Cuban here, Manhattan here, and the Point here.

2. The Reinforced Heel and Toe 100% Nylon Stockings
Gio RHT stockings

These are very similar to the Gio seamed stockings above, but without the seam.  A beautiful quality stocking made from 100% nylon.  As with all nylon stockings, make sure you order your correct size, as there is no stretch with nylon. See the Gio RHT Stockings.

3. The French 100% Silk Stockings
Cervin 100% Silk Stockings from Paris

There is little in life that is more luxurious than a pair of 100% silk stockings from Paris. Reassuringly expensive, you can be certain that nothing beats the feeling of being able to say you are wearing French silk stockings. See the Silk Stockings.

4. The French Sheer Stockings, with no welt by Maison Close 
Maison Close Sheer Cut and Curled Stockings
If you are concerned with your stocking tops (the welt) being on display if your dress or skirt is going to be short, then these stockings are the answer.  Made with just a little stretch in them, they come without a welt, meaning they can be confidently worn high on the leg without any concern you will be 'on display'. Visit the welt free stockings.

5. The Sheerest Black Stockings Available
Very sheer 7 denier black stockings from France
If you are after a very sheer pair of stockings, then the Cervin 7 denier stockings are perfect. Made from some of the finest nylon we have ever seen, they give a lovely sheen to a your legs. Visit the very sheer French stockings.

6. The Best Black Stockings for Wearing All Day
Falke Fond de Poudre stockings
If you are wearing your stockings for all day (and possibly evening), then we can highly recommend the Falke Fond de Poudre stockings. They give a lovely finishing touch to your legs, at just 10 denier, whilst having a touch of elastine in them, meaning they will move with your legs. See the Falke All Day Stockings here.
The stockings at the top of the page are from our Gio Stockings Collection.
Lucy x

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