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Stockings have a huge following, and not just for special occasions or the boudoir.  From many years experience providing stockings to women around the globe, we know that a good deal of them buy their stockings for everyday work wear.

Although incredibly popular in the office, they are also worn by women to work in many professions, and there are numerous good reasons for this. For a woman to know she is wearing stockings, and that only she knows, is incredibly empowering. This gives a woman confidence, and confidence allows you to perform well at work. This is the number one reason we hear from women who prefer stockings for the workplace.

But it isn't just the confidence factor, there are many other reasons that make them popular. Without a doubt, stockings are more hygienic than tights if worn all day long, and can also be worn when going out after work too (switch your work clothes for a LBD and you are done).

I would also argue that if you have a good suspender belt (the wider the belt, the more comfortable it will be when wearing for long periods), then not only will you benefit from it flattering your figure, you will find that it will be just as comfortable, if not more so, than tights (for even more comfort, you might like to try a body to hold your stockings up). An added benefit is that if you snag one leg, you will still have a spare when you purchase your next pair - something that doesn't apply to tights.

Apart from empowering women, as the height of feminine lingerie they will look good on everyone's legs. If you aren't keen on sheer stockings, you can always wear opaque stockings.

Wearing stockings to work is usually about empowering a woman, as opposed to dressing for a partner. For many years in the workplace, women were made to feel that they had to be less feminine in order to be taken seriously.  Fortunately, this is less of an issue today for many, and a woman can truly be herself, letting her femininity shine through. If she wants to wear feminine hosiery and lingerie to work, and feels more confident from doing so, then we applaud that.

We have a specialist selection of stockings suitable for work, you can find here.

Lucy x

Some our favourite work stockings include the following:

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June 23, 2018

lovely so smooth looking n very silky.

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