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The onset of darker and colder mornings after summer have always been a trigger for many women to immediately reach for their trusty pair of black opaque tights.  

The staple of many women’s winter wardrobe, they are as much of an autumnal habit as pulling out boots, gloves and scarves from the back of the wardrobe.

But, thanks to a renaissance in stockings and hold-ups, women can now continue power-dressing for winter in a much more glamorous – and practical - way. 

Stockings and hold-ups offer practicality, versatility and glamour as we head into the colder months. Many women think that 40 denier tights are their only option at this time of year and automatically revert back to these when summer is over; but stockings and hold-ups offer so much more choice.  We have definitely seen an increase in the use of stockings and hold-ups at this time of year compared to previous years and it is a market trend that is set to continue growing.

I think there will always be a market for thick black tights in winter, and we also have a great selection of these opaque tights, but at least now women have a much wider choice which is both glamorous and empowering.  It’s always good to see that hosiery is getting the credit it deserves when it comes to completing an outfit.

Practically, hold ups and stockings are less restrictive around the stomach area and are a perfect option for under trousers and skirts / dresses alike. There is an extensive choice of patterns and thicknesses and many women wear them because they feel more comfortable throughout the day. Once they are on, they do not need adjusting again (assuming you have a good suspender belt) and if one stocking or hold-up gets a snag then just that one needs replacing – a snag in a pair of tights means throwing the entire pair away.

Aesthetically, many women feel more glamorous and empowered when they wear stockings and hold-ups. There is a vast choice of designs and patterns aimed at all personal preferences (we can give advice on sizing, colours and the type of materials available if required). 

So now we see women enjoying the benefits of wearing stockings and hold-ups, especially in the transition between summer and winter where opaque tights might seem too extreme. We also find that once a woman has tried stockings or hold ups, we find that many continue to use stockings and hold-ups throughout the whole year, switching to more sheer products in the summer.” 

Lucy x

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