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We have invited Lucille, our resident expert on France, to explain how she wears her hosiery for a typical weekend in Paris.

A work day for me, so it would usually involve sheer hold ups to match my outfit. Typically, these would be either black, or a shade of nude, depending on my choice of dress and shoe colour.
Preferred Choice: Le Bourget French (obviously!) Heritage Luxe Hold Ups. Although if I needed very sheer, I might go for the Wolford Naked 8 denier stay ups, which are also available in more shades.

Le Bourget Heritage Luxe 20D Hold Ups
Le Bourget Heritage Luxe 20D Hold Ups

Breakfast means going out for coffee with friends. Fishnets are huge at the moment, and I particularly like the small net variety, which adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.
Preferred Choice: Le Bourget French Resille Hold Ups. Although I also like the fit of the Italian Trasparenze Ambra hold ups.

Le Bourget Resille Fishnet Hold Ups

Le Bourget Resile Fishnet Hold Ups


I don't go out every Saturday night, so a meal out is a bit of a special occasion, and I like to pamper myself with some of my favourite lingerie and hosiery.

Preferred Choice:
Again, I like French stockings! The contrasting stocking tops on the Le Bourget Retro Stockings are lovely, and they feel beautiful to the touch. I like to match this with my Maison Close bodysuit.

Le Bourget Retro Contrast Welt Stockings

Le Bourget Retro Contrast Welt Stockings

A relaxing start to the day, followed by a late afternoon drink along the river. The evenings get chilly, so I usually wear hosiery each evening even during summer.

Preferred Choice:
Le Bourget French Essential Hold Ups. With the prettiest lace top, and available in four colours, I tend to reach for these!

Le Bourget Essential Hold Ups
Le Bourget Essential Hold Ups

Back to work - well, actually an interview for a promotion, so I will probably go for my business skirt/suit, and match it with my favourite sheer tights (as my skirt is a little shorter) - although I have spotted some Maison Close 'cut and curled' stockings that can be worn high on the thigh, thereby avoiding any accidents!

Preferred Choice:
Yes, even my tights are French! My favourites are the new Le Bourget Heritage 10 denier tights, in black, navy or porcelaine.

Le Bourget Heritage Luxe 10 Denier Tights
Le Bourget Heritage Luxe 10 Denier Tights

The Maison Close 'Cut and curled' stockings are also an option, as they have no welt, so would be perfect for shorter skirts.

Maison Close Sheer Stockings with no welt

Maison Close 'welt free' stockings

Enjoy your weekend, Lucile x


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