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Guide to Buying Stockings

Gude to buying stockings from Mayfair Stockings

If you are new to buying stockings and suspenders you might find the following list of hosiery terms useful when choosing your stockings, in order that you select a suitable pair:


This is a guide to how thick your stockings will be. A single strand of silk is 1 denier, whereas 70, for example, is opaque (i.e. hosiery you can't see through). The opaques are great for adding warmth and are more durable due to being thicker. The most popular choice is around 10-15 denier which gives a beautiful sheer finish and has the added benefit of slimming your leg.

Seamed Stockings

There are two types of seamed stockings (but we also do seamed hold ups and seamed tights). The first being where the seam is sewn on after the stocking is made, the second is where the seam is used to sew the stocking together on a traditional loom, these are known as fully fashioned. These fully fashioned stockings (FFS) come in different designs of heel:-

1. Point Heel - The original design where the reinforced heel ends in a point before tapering into the seam. See an example.
2. Cuban Heel - The reinforced heel is squared off, and then tapers into the seam. See an example.


This is the top part of the stocking where you attach the suspender belt, and can be thick, thin, flat, or covered in lace. They are even available without a welt, which are perfect for shorter skirts and dresses.

Silk and Nylon Stockings

100% silk stockings are truly amazing, and incredibly rare. They don't have any stretch in them due to there being no lycra. Similarly 100% nylon stockings are traditionally made by hand to exact sizing - so again, choose your size carefully.

Suspender Belts

The quality of the suspender belt is paramount to the amount of comfort you will get when wearing your stockings. The more straps, the more secure the stockings will feel. The metal clasps are perfect for all day long durability (See our range).  If in doubt, we would recommend the Cervin suspender belt.

To save you some time, here are our 'quick picks' for stockings:
Everyday wear: Falke Stockings
Seamed Stockings: Gio Cuban Heel or Gerbe Parisian Carnation (more sheer on the leg)
Feminine and Luxurious: Maison Close Seamed Stockings

If you aren't sure about anything, or would like some advice on what to wear, then please feel free to contact us.
Lucy x