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    How to dress in stockings by Mayfair Stockings

    If it is your first time wearing stockings it can seem pretty difficult to know where to start. However, it doesn't take long to get used to it. There is an added advantage to stockings as opposed to tights, in that if you snag or ladder one leg, you can always get a replacement, and you will have a spare. 

    First and foremost wear a good suspender belt. We recommend the deeper ones with six metal clasps for everyday wear, as they hold your stockings in place more securely. Make sure that the belt sits on your waist and not your hips, so that it gives the best support and won't slip. Most people wear their suspender belts under their underwear, but you may have seen in photos that models wear them over the top, this is done to simply show what the belt looks like. 


    When you get the stockings out of the packet, Fully Fashioned and Nylons will look longer than lycra stockings. Lycra stockings are designed to stretch so will look smaller. Nylons will look long, but when you put them on, your leg will take up the fabric. 

    We highly recommend that you wear hosiery gloves when you are putting on your stockings, to help prevent snagging. Gather up the stocking ready to put them on, a bit like you do with socks. Place your foot inside the stocking and gently pull them up your leg. If you are wearing seams then use your finger to feel if it is straight. If it isn't, simply roll the stocking back down and pull them up again. Don't try and straighten the seam with your fingers, you may cause a snag. It sounds trickier than it is, and it does get easier the more you wear them. Fully fashioned stockings are easier to get the seams straight, as the seam is slightly raised. 

    Finish pulling the stocking to the top of your leg. Where your stocking sits is your choice, everyone has their own style. If you wear girdles or corselettes the stockings tend to sit on the middle of the thigh and longer skirts or dresses tend to be worn. If you wear suspender belts the stockings will sit higher up the thigh. For this reason we would advise that you buy two different sizes of stockings if you wear both. 

    Finally, to attach the stocking to the suspender belt. Separate the metal clip from the rubber and slip the rubber under the welt (the welt is the thicker, top part of the stocking), not the leg part of the stocking, and the metal clip on the top. Pull the rubber piece into place within the clasp. 

    You can adjust the straps on the suspender belt so the stockings sit in the right place for you. If you are wearing a belt with metal clasps the nylons should remain in place all day long.

    Click to visit out Suspender Belt Collection.

    Lucy x