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  • 2 min read

    Here at Mayfair, we have decided to feature some of the most glamorous women we know of, and ask them to tell us a little about themselves. We are delighted that the first person to be featured is Miss Pearl Curl, a pinup and vintage obsessed model from the UK. Lucy x

    What is your name?

    Miss Pearl Curl, also known as Haley 

    What is your favourite style of hosiery?

    Although I often wear tights and hold ups for practical reasons, my favourite has to be stockings. Fully fashioned are even better! 

    Miss Pearl Curl

    How does wearing hosiery make you feel?

    In one word, classy. There's something so feminine and luxurious about wearing stockings. 

    How frequently do you wear your stockings?

    I wear them whenever I dress vintage (seamed of course!) or when I get dressed up for an event, night out etc. 

    Miss Pearl Curl

    Do you prefer vintage nylon stockings, or modern day hosiery with a little stretch to them?

    Vintage nylons are hard to beat...but if I'm worried I might ladder them I would wear a more budget friendly modern version. 

    Why did you originally start wearing hosiery?

    To stay warmer in vintage dresses! 

    Miss Pearl Curl

    What is your favourite outfit for making an impact?

    One of my custom corseted gowns by Society Belle. 

    Where can people find out more about your pinup and vintage obsession?

    Find me on Facebook and Instagram.


    If you would like to know more about being featured on the Mayfair Stockings blog, please feel free to get in touch!

    Lucy x


    Photos: Polka dot dress by @terrymcphotography, the nude colour stockings by #orsoncarter and the red and black corselette photo by @belleprivephotography.


    Miss Pearl Curl's Favourite Stockings

    Nylon Stockings

    1 Response

    Laurence Ford
    Laurence Ford

    April 06, 2020

    Miss Pearl is very reminiscent of Betty Page and more recently Dita Von Teese .
    Sexy and Classy at the same time.
    The retro look is gorgeous of another era which she brings back to life.

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