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  • 2 min read

    Mayfair Stockings

    Two Minutes with Teke

    This week we have a chat with Anca, who is behind the 'Teke on Heels' Instagram account. She shares her love for fine hosiery from her Italian home, and epitomises feminine confidence. So, get a glass of wine, and lets have two minutes with Teke.... Lucy x

    Teke on Heels at Mayfair Stockings

    What is your name?

    My name is Anca and I run Tekeonheels on Instagram.

    I have built that profile to share my passion for high heels and hosiery.

    My style has always been classic. I am practically in love with stockings. I like to mix them with tights, or just wear them simply, on their own.

    What is your favourite style of hosiery, and how does it make you feel?

    Wearing stockings makes me feel like a woman, in the true sense of the word. It gives me confidence and makes me feel sexy, even with the simplest outfit. I really think women all over the world, no matter their shape or height, should embrace hosiery in their life. They are like a pair of heels...they elevate your womanhood.

    Teke on Heels at Mayfair Stockings

    Why did you originally start wearing hosiery?

    I have been fascinated since I was a little girl by my mother who always used to pay so much attention and love to these details. I am proud to say that I have inherited her attraction towards femininity.

    How often do you choose to wear your stockings?

    I don't only wear them on special occasions. They are part of my everyday life. From being a mom, or wife, lover, friend, mistress....Hosiery is a part of who I am. It represents my sensuality.

    Teke on Heels at Mayfair Stockings

    What is your favourite outfit for making an impact?

    As for my tastes, I am fond of vintage stockings....or sheer tights.

    The perfect outfit for dinner is a black open back dress, midi length...matched with vintage stockings...and 12 even 13 cm high heels. If you want to be daring, just a trench coat would be enough....with stockings and garter belt. I once went to the mall like that :)


    I think that you should dare. Dare to be a woman. Dare to be yourself or whatever you want to be.

    Dare to be a woman

    Since I have had my account, I have come across people (men) that confessed to me that they adore wearing hosiery. They send me pictures of themselves and what I want to say is that some of them are more feminine and graceful than many women I know. Because they live a dream...sometimes hidden from others judgment...and they only have that feeling for a couple of minutes or hours before they come back to what we call a 'normal life'.

    We have that opportunity that we don't have to hide our felinity. So embrace it! Try, for once, to feel sexy for yourself. Don't give up if you don't find the perfect gater belt straight away. Ask, be informed...but find and explore the Woman in you.

    With love,


    You can see more of Teke on Instagram (a Private Account):

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    Teke on heels at Mayfair Stockings

    All photographs are copyright of Anca/Teke on Heels


    1 Response


    January 02, 2021

    I love wearing 100% nylon stockings!
    I love all my beautiful garter belts in multiple colors, styles and strap count.
    Nothing more feminine feeling than nylon stockings. Dressed up with sparkles, using different heel style patterns, with and back seams ( also in colors).
    Love to all in 2021!!
    Dr. T.J.

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