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    There is an eternal debate concerning two varieties of stocking - which are the finest, is it the 100% nylon stockings, or the 100% silk stockings?  At the risk of spoiling this whole article, they both have their fans, but there is no clear cut winner - both nylon and silk stockings are luxurious and perfect for many occasions.  So why the debate?

    Silk Stockings

    Silk stockings are traditionally considered the height of luxury. This is still true. Being made from silk, they are always going to cost a premium.  Couple that with the scarcity of manufacturers, then the economics of supply and demand also impact the price. Essentially, there is now only one manufacturer of 100% silk stockings in France - and Europe for that matter.

    All this means that silk stockings are considered the perfect gift. Treating someone with 100% silk French stockings is not something most of us can do everyday, and for that reason, they are considered something of a luxury to be reserved for special occasions (saying that, we do have a number of customers who wear them everyday).

    Silk is also a natural fibre, and extremely kind to your skin, but this will also mean that nylon stockings can be slightly smoother to the touch. Finally, silk stockings do not have a seam on the back of the leg.

    Our 100% silk stockings.

    Silk Stockings

    100% Nylon Stockings

    If silk stockings are considered the height of luxury, then 100% nylon stockings can be considered the height of glamour. Gaining popularity in the 1940's and 50's, these stockings are still made on the same machinery that produced the original war era stockings, so like the silks, these can be difficult to produce in large numbers, making them similarly scarce at times (it is not unknown for us to buy the whole production run from a hosiery producer, in order to ensure continued availability).

    However, once you have a pair of nylons that have a perfect fit (there are often five or more sizes available in both nylons and silks in order that you can find the perfect fit for your leg, as they have little stretch), you will often find that they have a unique character all of their own - even down to the sound of them when you walk.

    If they have seams (termed Fully Fashioned Stockings), they will have a number of heel types, including a point, Cuban or Manhattan, which gives you a few extra choices (one customer suggested these heel types should match the choice of heel on your shoes - but it is really personal preference).

    Stockings made of nylon not only look stunning, but they will often have a very smooth and sensual feel to them, and this is what ensures they have a hugely popular following of ladies around the globe. Nylons are made in both Britain and France, have a number of heel styles, and come in both seamed and non-seamed varieties.

    See our 100% Nylon Stockings.

    Lucy x

    Nylon stockings

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