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  • 2 min read

    If you are unsure about wearing seamed stockings to a wedding, then let us help you.

    Firstly, can you wear seamed stockings as a bride? This is your show. If you want to wear seamed stockings, then you should wear them - and make all your bridesmaids wear them too if you like (I have lost count of the times we have provided ivory seamed stockings for the whole bridal party! - Lucy). Every bride I have met, who is looking for lingerie and hosiery, wants to look and feel special. While stockings will certainly make you feel feminine and 'special', seamed stockings will take that one step further - and add a little more glamour to your bridal outfit. I would say either seamed or non-seamed stockings are perfect for a bride, and depends on personal choice (hold ups are also very popular). I would say it is best to shop quite a bit in advance to ensure you get the best size and style for you - and buy two pairs!

    Ivory seamed stockings

    Secondly, can you wear seamed stockings as a guest? Ultimately, this depends on yourself. If you are a glamorous woman who is confident to wear seams, then go for it.  Personally, I prefer nude colour stockings with seams for weddings - black might be a bit too much for a daytime event - but there are many shades you can choose from (including a lovely chocolate colour).  However, if you are a guest for an evening reception, then I think black is a sure fire hit. Everybody is expected to make a little more effort with their outfits at a wedding, and to me, seamed stockings are the perfect way of doing this.

    British FFS seamed stockings

    Whether you are a bride or a guest, you will need to know how to put on seamed stockings, so a little preparation before hand can be useful to keep your seams straight, and this may also influence your choice of heels too.

    If you can't be glamorous at a wedding, then when can you be glamorous? Seamed stockings are perfect for the occasion.

    View our Seamed Stockings Collection here.

    Lucy x

    P.S. To those readers who prefer hold ups or tights (pantyhose), then there are a number of seamed varieties available, both for the bride and the guests. See here for all of our seamed stockings, tights and hold ups.

    Ballerina bridal seamed tights from Mayfair Stockings

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