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When it comes to buying lingerie and hosiery as a Christmas present, men need to understand that size really is important to women. 

And that’s because the single, most common mistake made by men buying lingerie is that they usually end up purchasing the wrong size.  This results in an unwearable present on Christmas morning and frustration at having a purchased a gift which has to be returned or exchanged.  

But this can be easily avoided, and men should be “having a good rummage” in their wife’s or girlfriend’s drawers as part of their research before they think about purchasing lingerie for them.  Lucy, the founder of Mayfair explains: “Christmas approaching means many things to many people.  But for lots of men around the country, who have been instructed to buy lingerie for the special woman in their life, it can mean only thing – panic!  

“However, with a bit of careful investigation, that doesn’t have to be the case at all.  Men just need to approach buying lingerie as they would any other new purchase, and do their research.  It may seem a bit daunting looking through your partner’s clothes, but it really will help - because having a good rummage in drawers and wardrobes, to get as much information as possible before making a purchase, will pay dividends later.” 

Lucy advises writing down the type of products already purchased and their relevant sizes.  That way, it will be easier to identify which products they already like and use.

“Buying lingerie can be a minefield for many men – there is such a vast choice of products available, from stockings and suspender belts, to bodies and bras.  Men always feel like they have to go for something a bit racy when buying as a gift, but that is not always the case.  We would always advise men who want to do this, to pair it with something that their wife or girlfriend already uses on a day-to-day basis, that way she is getting something practical as well as something different which she would not normally buy for herself.”    

Sizing alone can be extremely confusing, with some products using standard UK sizing, some using European sizing and some items being based on bra/cup sizes.  But at Mayfair we are able to offer customer support 18 hours a day and are well versed at talking through options via email, online or over the telephone. 

“By talking to men in the comfort of their own home either on the telephone or online, we are able to ask them relevant questions about what their wife or girlfriend likes to wear, which colours, and we can be very specific about sizing.  This all helps to ensure she opens a perfect gift on Christmas morning.” 

Mayfair Stockings offer their top 5 tips for men buying lingerie this year:- 

1.Research, research, research.

Find out what your wife/girlfriend likes and actually wants.  It is no use buying her something which will just sit at the back of a drawer. 

 2.Size matters.

Getting the size right is so important to your purchase.  She will know that you have taken the time and trouble to get it right and she will be able to wear the product immediately.

 3.Treat Her 

As well as getting her something practical which she will wear over and over again, it will be a real treat to buy an additional luxury item she might not normally purchase for herself.

4.If in doubt – check! 

Don’t be afraid to ask your wife/girlfriend what she would like to have bought for her.  Lingerie covers a vast range of products and without any guidance at all, it could be a bit of a guess! 

 5.Ask the experts

Lucy and her team are experts at advising on size and product. They know exactly the right questions to ask to ensure that the best possible products are purchased.  And as all items are beautifully gift wrapped in tissue and ribbon, they will need minimal wrapping at home. 

Our Gift Collection can be found here.

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