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Crotchless tights have a lot going for them. We consider them an alternative to both standard tights and also stockings - but they take the advantages from both.

Firstly, no matter your reasons for selecting crotchless tights (or open tights, as they are also known), they are one of the most seductive forms of hosiery available. The effect of 'sheer to waist' hosiery is particularly stunning, even more so when combined with the secret opening.

The silky smooth Italian yarns on our crotchless tights elevate your legs, giving a polished, sensual look. They can also be worn for both daytime and boudoir wear. As they cover the legs to the waist, you don't have to worry about revealing a stocking welt whilst in skirts.

Diva crotchless tights

Similarly, like standard tights, they are wonderfully comfortable for all day wear. Of course, there is also the fact they are crotchless, meaning they are cooler and more hygienic.

Knowing you are wearing luxury hosiery, with a little secret, can be do wonders for your confidence, and I am sure it will put a smile on your face (and that of your partner if you have one).

But going back to our original point, they are not just wonderful for everyone's figure, they are incredibly alluring, offering everyone the feel good factor that only lingerie and hosiery can provide.

Lucy x

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Amour crotchless tights

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