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    Your first stockings buying guide

    If you traditionally wear either hold ups or tights (or pantyhose in the US), but think you might like to give stockings a try, then it can seem like there are an infinite number of options out there. The following guide may help a little when it comes to choosing your first pair.

    What sort of hosiery do you wear at the moment?
    No matter what style you wear at the moment, you can almost certainly find the equivalent in stockings.  So, those black sheer tights you wear for work, can almost certainly be replaced with black sheer stockings.

    When will you be wearing the stockings?
    It isn't always the case, but frequently we find that if the stockings are to be worn in the evening, then women tend to choose a more glamorous pair, perhaps even a seamed pair.
    For work, sheer stockings are still our most popular. If it is a special occasion, such as a wedding, then lace top stockings are popular amongst both brides and guests.

    How hot or cold will it be?
    If you are going to be inside, then a lower denier stockings (15 denier or below) is almost certainly going to be warm enough.  However, if you will be outside, or live in a colder climate, then you might like to consider a higher denier - perhaps even opaque stockings.  Of course, the higher the denier (or thickness of fabric), the less of the leg you will see.

    How long should they be?
    If your skirt is shorter, then you have various options to make sure you don't show off your stocking tops. Many styles of stocking have some stretch to them and can be worn higher on the thigh (simply adjust your suspender belt straps), or you might like to consider stockings without a welt (the welt is the stocking top).

    What about Nylon and Silk stockings?
    Both nylons and silk stockings have loyal followers. They are traditionally made by hand and have a vintage feel to them. They don't stretch, so you have to make sure you are ordering the correct size - and this can take a few trials.  The feel and look of nylon in particular is what makes women from all around the world continue to order nylons. Silk stockings are luxurious, as they are a natural fibre, but if you are after the ultimate in smoothness, then choose nylon.

    How about seamed stockings?
    There are a number of benefits to seams. They are perhaps the most glamorous stockings available, the make your legs look longer, and they do give you an air of confidence. If this is the first time wearing stockings, I would recommend a non-seamed pair first, in order that you can become accustomed to wearing them.

    How do the stockings remain in place?
    A suspender belt (or garter belt in the US) is a girls best friend! If you will be wearing stockings all day, then six straps on your suspender belt is perfect. It will hold the stockings in place perfectly - providing you have ordered the correct size in both belt and stockings. If you will be wearing the stockings for an evening out, or just for a few hours, then four straps will be ample.

    Here are some of our recommendations for choosing your first pair of stockings:

    Special Occasion: Maison Close Authentique French Nylon Stockings (non-stretch)
    Smooth, Sheer and Stretch Stockings: Wolford Individual 10 Stockings
    Seamed Stretch Stockings: Maison Close Seamed Stretch Black Nylons
    Seamed Nylon Stockings: Gio Cuban Heel
    Opaque Stockings: Maison Close Opaque Stockings
    Feminine and Luxurious: Maison Close Seamed Stockings
    If you aren't sure about anything, or would like some advice on what to wear, then please feel free to contact us.

    Lucy x