Stockings to Russia

Since Mayfair started some time ago, we have had a growing following in Russia.  So much so, that every day we send our little purple packages to clients in various cities and towns across the country.  I have to say that it is a country that consistently orders a very glamorous range of hosiery and lingerie, with Maison Close being extremely popular there, along with the French silk stockings, Gio stockings and Falke Peacock hold ups.

Well, we are pleased to say that over the last few weeks, we have had various hold ups and stockings reviewed by the lovely Tanya at in Russia.

The reviews have included the following:

Falke Lunelle 8 Peacock Hold Ups

The review can be seen at Garterblog (you will need to understand Russian though!). The Falke Peacock hold ups can be found in the boutique here. The Stays Put hold up gel mentioned in the review can also be found here.


Falke Corsage Hold Ups

Next came the Falke Corsage hold ups.  You can review the article on Garterblog, and the Corsage hold ups can be found in the boutique.


Maison Close Opaque Seamed Stockings

Finally, you can see the review of the Maison Close opaque seamed stockings at Garterblog, and also see it in the boutique here.

The model was Tatyana Koycheva, and the photographer was Anna Panova.

Thank you for the lovely reviews Garterblog, we hope to carry on serving our clients in Russia for many years to come.

Lucy x



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