Ten Tips for Men Buying Hosiery as a Gift

1. Get the style and colour to suit your other half. Does she usually like to wear black or natural? Does she like lacy designs or classical elegance?

2. Stockings are perfect to add to the romance.

3. For a little extra luxury on a special occasion, you can't go wrong with lace.

4. Seamed hosiery is great for the lady who likes all things vintage (especially traditional fully fashioned stockings).

5. Fishnets are that bit more daring for a confident woman.

6. Consider 'suspender tights' if your other half normally wears tights. They can add a touch of glamour without requiring a suspender belt.

7. The bigger her personality, the bolder the pattern.

8. Buy what you want to see the lady in, it's kind of a selfish gift.  If she is specific on what she wants, get those as well. 

9. Make sure it is gift wrapped (we gift wrap every time in tissue and satin ribbon).

10. If in doubt, buy Carnation fully fashioned stockings!  They are the height of luxury and feel wonderful to wear. 

If you buy from the site, we guarantee that we have it in stock, so you can rest assured that you will receive the hosiery of your choice, gift wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, when you need it.

Lucy x

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