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    2 min read

    We recently carried out a survey of hosiery and lingerie opinions, of both men and women, and thought you might like to look at the results. These results relate to buying and receiving hosiery as gifts.

    The results showed that…

    ·      85% of men buy to suit their partners taste and not their own.

    ·      Half the men asked said that their partner didn’t wear hold ups or stockings as much as they’d like, while 59% of women said that the main reason they do wear beautiful lingerie and stockings is to give their other half a thrill.

    ·      More than half of the men surveyed (54%) said that they’d just be too embarrassed to set foot in a lingerie or hosiery department without their other half.

    ·      76% of women said that they would happily wear their gifts because they’d be touched that their partner cared enough to buy them.

    ·      44% of women said their partner hit the nail on the head when it came to picking out lingerie and hosiery on their behalf and 32% said they’d still wear them even though it wasn’t precisely what they’d buy for themselves.

    ·      95% of women said their partner showered them with compliments when they wear stockings and hold ups.

    ·      34% of women then said they made an effort to wear stockings more often, as a direct result of the compliments.


    While we can't say that the results are completely accurate for everyone who buys hosiery, it does give a general feeling that there is a huge desire for men to give hosiery as a gift, but also that women want to wear beautiful hosiery and lingerie, irrespective of whether it was a gift or not.  Women just like nice underwear (so, no shock there then!).

    Hosiery and lingerie are a perfect choice for a gift. We all like to receive that something unexpected and fabulous that we wouldn’t treat ourselves to, and that makes us feel beautiful, sensual and desired. 

    Every single item purchased from us is hand wrapped in tissue paper and ribbons, without charge, all as part of the service.

    Let me know your thoughts,

    Lucy x

    One of the most popular gifts, the Gerbe Parisienne stockings

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