Cuban Heel or Point Heel Stockings?

Cuban Heel or Point Heel Stockings?

When it comes to fully fashioned stockings, you have two styles of heel you may choose (actually, there are a few more, but they are very rare).
Fully fashioned stockings, or FFS for short, are knitted flat, and then sewn up the back of the leg, producing a seam with the telltale finishing loop at the top. That is where the similarities end.

These stockings are usually produced in small quantities (there are only a handful of machines remaining that are capable of producing them) from very high quality nylon, to the same design and standards used in the 1940's/50's. Although the style is often imitated, using different materials and designs, the original 100% nylon stockings are still extremely popular.

On to the heel... you have two options, either 'point' or 'Cuban'. The 'point heel', as the name suggests, is where the reinforced part of the foot tapers off to a point above the ankle. 'Cuban heels' on the other hand, don't taper off, they are squared off (see photo below).

Comparing point heel stockings and Cuban heel stockings from Mayfair Stockings
Which is best? Honestly, there is no difference. It is simply a matter of personal choice. We have many ladies who like both equally, but we also have a number of ladies who wouldn't wear anything other than their preferred heel.

It is worth remembering that these stockings are some of the finest available, both are perfect, and will look extremely elegant. The choice is yours.

Here are our Point Heel Stockings.
Here are our Cuban Heel Stockings.
Lucy x

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