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Are you thinking of gifting someone hosiery and/or lingerie this festive season, but aren’t sure where to start?

Perhaps you just need a little inspiration? I’m here to share some advice on how to pick and present the perfect gift. The two most important gifting tips are...

1. Match their style

If you’re shopping for your partner, the key thing to remember is that although this can be a gift for both of you, it’s first and foremost for them! So let your shopping choices be guided by what you know they like to wear.

For example, do they prefer hosiery that’s skin-tone, black, white, or colourful? Are they drawn to patterns, or do they avoid them? How about their preference for stockings vs. hold-ups vs. tights? When it comes to lingerie, consider whether they have a clear favourite on choices such as underwired or wireless bras, thongs or knickers, and so on.

2. But make it feel special!

All of the above said, I wear plain black tights more than any other type of hosiery and yet I wouldn’t be especially thrilled to receive them from someone else. In order to feel indulgent, your gift shouldn’t be exactlywhat your giftee wears on a daily basis. It should be a nicer version of that.

For example, someone who wears a lot of simple, sheer stockings may appreciate a pair with a decorative top, or made from 100% nylon. A person who likes seamed stockings would likely love a style that’s fully-fashioned. A well-loved cotton robe could be replaced by an equally-cosy yet more glamorous velvet version, and a basic suspender belt by a lacy one for special occasions.

Gift guide at Mayfair StockingsMaison Close Velvet Travel Pouch

Hosiery Gift Ideas

One of the really great things about hosiery is that there are gorgeous styles available for all budgets. If you’re looking for something around the £12 mark or even less that will still impress, I recommend taking a look at What Katie Did, Playful Promises, and Fiore.

Other brands that are especially great for gifting include Ballerina and Trasparenze for fashion styles, Gio for vintage-inspired designs, and Falke and Wolford for all-out luxury.

Here are some ideas:

Falke Peacock Hold UpsFalke Lunelle 8 Peacock Lace Hold Ups

WKD Glamour StockingsWhat Katie Did Seamed Glamour Stockings

Gio Manhattan Heel Stockings from Mayfair StockingsGio Manhattan Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings

Chantal Thomass hold upsChantal Thomass Laced Garter Stay Ups


Lingerie Gift Ideas

Although a bra set may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of ‘lingerie’, it’s also the one where you are most likely to run into fit issues. Even if you know your giftee’s bra size, it’s actually normal for it to vary between brands. That’s not to say you should automatically exclude band-and-cup (e.g. 34C) sized garments. But be aware that they may need to be exchanged before they can be worn.

Plus, there so much more to the world of lingerie besides bra sets (which your giftee definitely already owns a bunch of!). How about a bodysuit, soft-cupped basque, or floaty babydoll? The looser or more adjustable a garment is, the more flexible it will be on fit. That means that wraparound robes are also an especially ideal gift choice – and if you choose well, a very glam one too! 


Inspiration Divine LingerieMaison Close Inspiration Divine Thong Body

Mayfair Lingerie Suspender BeltMayfair Elodie 6 Strap Sheer Suspender Belt


Add-ons and accessories

Especially if you are buying hosiery as a main gift (and not just a stocking filler), you can make it feel like a ‘fuller’ present by including one or more accessories alongside it. Hosiery gloves, hosiery wash bags, and hosiery storage bags will all help your recipient take better care of their new gift, which means that they’ll get to enjoy it for longer.

And don’t forget that looks do matter! The right presentation can make a mid-range gift feel nothing short of luxurious. All Mayfair Stockings orders come gift-wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, but you can also add a gift box to make it feel like a truly special treat.

Remember that the last ordering dates for pre-Christmas delivery are available here.

by  Estelle Puleston

The Full Christmas Collection can be seen here.

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