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  • 2 min read

    A while ago, we highlighted the top 10 stocking wearing countries, based on sales over the previous twelve months.  Now, we can update those results with a map showing countries that purchased more stockings than any other during Spring 2017. So, which countries wear stockings the most frequently?


    Map of the top ten stocking wearing countries

    Again, the UK takes the top spot. No surprise there, as that is where we are based, and it has to be said, there are an awful lot of glamorous women here!

    Jumping straight in to the number two spot is Germany, up four places from number six last year.

    Next is a large customer, the United States. It isn't just the cold states that feel the need for hosiery, some of the traditionally hotter states are particularly keen on their stockings - states such as Texas and Florida.

    Northern Europe and the Nordic countries have always had a particular fascination for stockings - buying them all year round. This spring, we have seen Norway going from number seven last year, up to number four. Finland also enters the chart, at a respectable number eight.

    Australia slips just one place to number five, proving that no matter how hot it gets, stockings will always be popular.

    For the first time, Russia makes an appearance in the charts (possibly due to faster shipping times there), alongside Canada, another long term buyer of stockings.

    A huge climb for Belarus, which appears at the number nine spot - jumping a huge seventy places up the charts. We aren't sure of the reason, but with most sales going to ladies in the capital, there is usually a little 'word of mouth' causing the surge in sales.

    Finally, at number ten we have, once again, Singapore.  Another traditionally warmer country showing that stockings are popular, whatever the weather.

    As last time, all sales numbers are incredibly close for the top countries. If your country isn't listed in the top ten - don't be despondent, we ship stockings to over 100 countries, so you can be sure that wherever you are, you will be in glamorous company.

    You can find all our stockings here. Feel free to share the above graphic (using the buttons below) in order to persuade your fellow countrymen and women to reach the next top 10!

    Lucy x

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