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Just like a bra set or pretty night slip, hosiery can make a wonderful gift for the most romantic day of the year – it’s both intimate and indulgent. And with prices ranging from below £10 to £50+, there’s an option for every budget too.

But with so many hosiery styles to choose from, where do you even begin? To help you pick your perfect gift, I’ve split this guide into two sections – one for recipients who are new to hosiery, and one for those who already wear and love it.

Gift Shopping for the Hosiery Newbie

Gerbe holy suspender tights from Mayfair Stockings

Gerbe Foly 15 Suspender Tights - £28.40

Look for ‘easy wear’ items

Of all the types of hosiery, many people like the sultry look of stockings best. However, they will also require a suspender belt, or other garment with suspender straps, to hold them up.

Unless your giftee has expressed an interest in stockings, or if they’ve not worn them before, then another hosiery style could be a safer bet. There are plenty of luxurious designs in the world of tights that will still have your recipient feeling fancy, sexy, stylish, or all three!

In fact, you can even get ‘suspender tights’ which have all the aesthetic appeal of a suspender belt and stockings, but without the requirement for a suspender belt. Hold-ups are another option – they hit at thigh height just like stockings, but stay up all on their own.

Stockings gift box

Consider some added extras

If your giftee is new to wearing hosiery, or at least hosiery of the delicate kind, they likely won’t have the tools they need to take proper care of it. And I’m sure you’d both like your gift to last longer than a wear or two!

Why not package your hosiery gift up in a basket with some care goodies? At minimum, I’d recommend  hosiery gloves to avoid snags when getting dressed. Other accessories could include a  protective wash bag, a pretty  storage bag, and a bottle of gentle detergent for hand-washing. And if you’re gifting hold-ups, take a look at  Staysput which offers added security.


Six strap Suspender belt

Mayfair Elodie 6 Strap Sheer Suspender Belt - £35

Include a suspender belt

Speaking of added extras, if you are buying someone their first pair of stockings, make sure they have a way to wear them! A  suspender belt is the perfect companion gift – I’d recommend choosing one in a neutral colour, such as black or white, which will coordinate well with various lingerie sets they already own.

You can read more about choosing a good suspender belt  here.

Gift Shopping for the Hosiery Aficionado

Ballerina Sienna Hold Ups from Mayfair Stockings

Ballerina Blue Hold Ups

Stick to their style

When it comes to treating someone who’s already a fan of nice hosiery, chances are they’ve experimented and have a good idea of the styles they like.

So be sure to consider what your giftee tends to wear. Yes, red is the classic Valentine’s Day colour, but do they actually like  bold-coloured legwear or are they always wearing black?  Do they like a suspender belt and stockings, or gravitate more towards the simplicity of hold-ups? And what about seamed versus seamless, and plain colours versus prints?

If it’s clear you’ve tried to match their tastes, rather than just picking any old thing that looked pretty, the gift will come across as much more thoughtful.

Point heel stockings

Point Heel Stockings

But think fancy!

As with most things though, the key to making this feel like a truly special gift is to buy something a little (or a lot!) nicer than your recipient would usually choose for themselves.

Let’s say they’re always wearing sheer nude or black stockings. You know they like them, but rather than more of the same, how about ones made from100% nylon or even  silk? Or if they just love stockings in general, then you can’t go wrong with a  fully-fashioned pair – it’s the crème de la crème of the hosiery world!

Does your partner prefer to wear hold-ups or tights? There are plenty of luxurious designs to pick from in those categories too.  Falke’s Lunelle hold-ups with peacock feather embroidery are a perpetual customer favourite, and  Wolford’s lacy Lea tights are simply sensational.

Have any questions about hosiery shopping for someone else? Leave them below!

by  Estelle Puleston

Prices are correct at time of writing. 
Corset pictured at the top of the page is a Ravenna Red Corset


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